Friday, 4 July 2014

I'm Such a Dork


Hi I'm Trinity. I'm in secondary school. Individuals call me dork and a GG. I am a dork however yet I have sentiments. I have a journal and I get a kick out of the chance to compose in it now and then. So how about we look in my journals and perceive how my life started and additionally is still now. Trust u delight in my life. Well for me I didn't delight in a few parts with Nichole in it I think I didn't prefer those parts however with my companions are the best. 

Erieanna Horan 

Nialls little sister,pretty,she cuts,shy,sensitive,bubbly,shallow,doesnt trust anyone,gets tormented alongside her friends,loves to sing and move when shes alone,she has stage fright,loves to peruse and write,she takes photographs of everything,her folks are exceptionally mean and injurious of her yet niall doesnt know. 

Evelyn Johnson 

totally absolutely adores perusing!!! Cherishes science!!! She is the president of the schools daily paper, knows everything about tattle (regular she's the school news paper president) cherishes photography, knows everything there is to think about engineering, pioneer of book club. Affections turtles and supposes they are best creature in the entire universe, cherishes companions with trinity and others 

Harry styles 

Adorable, clever, Very famous, has a younger sibling. Liam's Bestfriend, subtly fancies Evelyn however is modest about it, a great deal of young ladies are fixated on him including Evelyn. 

Liam Payne 

Cool,cute,smart, and exceptionally popular.everyone likes him. Likes a young lady name trinity. She is an extremely cool and shrewd young lady. He will do anything to let her know how he feels however he is simply excessively modest to do that. 

Louis Tomlinson 

Cute,funny,very great companion and sibling. Over ensured of his little sisters.loves to sing and hang out with companions. Closest  companions are Liam,niall,harry. Adores his little sisters.has a pulverize Niall's younger sibling. 

Mackenzie styles 

Clever Sweet,loving,lovable,bullied,dumb,weird,nice-ish and is the closest companion on the planet less sister 

Niall Horan 

Charming, cool, Very decent. Cherishes his younger sibling. Affections to hang out with his companions. His companions are Harry,louis,and Liam. Kinda over secured of his younger sibling.